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What Do I Do Next?

  • Schedule Walk Through, Risk Free

    Your gym is important to us! To make sure we are a good fit to work together and that we fully understand your needs, we are very serious about (and sincerely enjoy) coming to the space and completing a walk through of your gym before providing a quote. This enables us to quote the most exact price, so you can be confident we don’t bake in any “extra room” for surprises or uncertainty. We want to start your new gym service plan on the right foot!

  • Define Needs

    On the day of the walk-through, those handsome fellas above will come to your gym and listen (very closely!) to your cleaning needs and priorities. At the end of our walk-through, we will spend 20-30 minutes taking measurements and preparing your quotation. Your customized service plan will include what needs cleaned and how often, outlined in clear terms.

  • Receive Gym Quote

    Nowww we can talk business. Our comprehensive estimating software will translate your cleaning needs (no matter how specific) into a fair and exact quotation. At this point, we are excited to present the quote and take the time to answer any questions/make necessary corrections ON SITE. No more emailed quotes that result in 10 MORE emails to answer small questions and adjust minor discrepancies.

How Do I Get an Exact Price for My Gym?

Exact pricing is based on the services your gym requires and we can't do that with a few simple clicks. It would be a disservice to you and your gym if we did not come out and walk through your gym with you so we can really understand what YOUR gym needs.
Our job is to come up with solutions for problems YOUR GYM is facing, not tell you what you need.  We are confident that we can find a service level that's right for you and fits your budget!

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1 (206) 485-1425

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